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About the Book

In this long-awaited book, therapist Lori Golden tells the story of how she was sexually violated by her well-liked father, a successful businessman who headed Landmark Dress Company in New York. Lori had the perfect childhood. A childhood that was masked in a house of lies—all an illusion. It wasn’t until she was in her late 30s that she was able to say, “I am an incest survivor.”

Lori’s work has opened the doors for sexual abuse survivors—many speaking up and out for the first time. Sometimes to spouses; sometimes to their children; sometimes to their families; sometimes to their friends; and, sometimes to others in their communities.

It’s our little secret … you can’t tell anyone.
You are daddy’s special little girl.
Only you get my special love.
Don’t tell mommy she will get angry and leave.
I am the best person to teach you what special love is.
Someday you will appreciate my teaching and thank me.
Always with fingers to lips SHUSH its our secret.

With brutal honesty Lori Golden’s My House of Lies captures her miraculous journey out of the darkness and devastating effects of childhood incest, one that I know all too well. Her willingness, her courage and yearning for truth after years of amnesia permeates your soul in profound and memorable ways. You are drawn in immediately as she slowly unveils her memories through descriptive flashbacks and her artwork. It is a must read for survivor’s, and anyone eager to understand the complex and arduous path to recovery. Her heartfelt struggle to climb out of darkness into light is an inspiration. My House of Lies is a must read for anyone seeking to recover pieces of themselves lost to abuse. Lori is victorious in breaking free and living the life she was meant to live.

Marilyn Van Derbur
Miss America By Day


With scrupulous honesty, Lori Golden unravels the devastating effects of childhood incest in My House of Lies. Drawing you in as she reaches her bottom in drug addiction, her escalating terror and her inability to make sense of herself become evident. Her book reads as a mystery as she pieces together clues after years of amnesia and the shocking realization that her father is her perpetrator. My House of Lies is a must read for the countless survivors of sexual abuse who want to break free from its bondage to live differently. A must read for anyone who wants to understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Marilyn Murray
Prisoner of Another War | The Murray Method

My House of Lies

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Lori describes, in detail, what her father did to her and what the impact has been on her adult life for the first time.

Using her own story to weave the illusions, lies, repercussions and awakening she went through, Lori shares knowledge and insights she has gained through counseling and speaking one-on-one, with adult survivors, and families of sexual abuse across the country. She personally answers all letters and emails she receives. Listeners line up to tell her their stories after they hear her speak.

Lori knew she had to write the book after close to 40 years of hearing clients says, “When I was 5 … when I was 11 …” Ages change. The effect and impact doesn’t. It’s devastating. It’s destructive. It’s life-changing.

Although Statistics vary, it is reported ONE in FIVE girls and ONE in EIGHT boys are victims of early childhood sexual abuse.  Lori was 5. Her father was the perpetrator. Not only did he violate her, he targeted her sister and brother. Common offenders of incest are from our immediate or extended families, both male and female. Outside the family, perpetrators can be teenage baby-sitters, neighbors, teachers, coaches, club leaders or religious figures.

Perpetrators are rich or poor, come from all economic backgrounds and include “upstanding” members in the community. People who we believe “would never do that to a child.”

With her extensive experience and research on the long-term impact of trauma derived from her work as a survivor and therapist, sexual abuse prevention needs to start early.

Knowing that vulnerable children are targetsand that their self-esteem is fragile, Lori’s insight into the impact of sexual abuse on her own childhood helps create a deeper understanding of the complexity of this abuse.

Order now, to read how she responds to:

How could you—or anyone—forget?
Why do trauma victims ‘bury’ their experiences?
Are there really ‘false memories’ and what are they?

Can just fondling and touching cause lifelong symptoms even if I wasn’t raped?
Did you forgive your father?
Did you forgive your mother?
This happened so long ago … why bring it up now?
How did you develop a satisfying sexual relationship as an adult with others?

The major theme that ties My House of Lies together is Lori’s unwavering commitment to seek the truth. To free herself from the imprisonment of addiction, to reclaim the parts of herself that she discovers as she slowly unravels what was hidden through dissociation giving her hope during her darkest years of recovery.

Praise for Lori Golden’s Message:

“Lori empowers survivors. She delivers hope to those who need it. Her words will permeate the conversations that are generated after her presentation ends.”