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Ten Ways Survivors May Overcome Suffering from Childhood Abuse

Suffering is a conditioned response to abuse. Those who have suffered abuse grow up believing there is no way out, they are trapped and unable to get the abuse to stop. However, adult survivors can learn to stop being self-abusive and can develop a different way to treat themselves. They can learn self-compassion, self-love, and how to learn to be patient with their recovery. It is important for survivors to remember not only that new behaviors take practice and happen slowly over time, but also to learn to pat themselves on the back for trying.

10 Ways Survivors May Overcome Suffering from Childhood AbuseHere are 10 ways for survivors to overcome their suffering:

  • Remember you have the right to make a choice.
  • Remember you have value and worth.
  • Remember to trust yourself.
  • Remember to ask for help when you need it.
  • Remember to let go of self-sufficiency.
  • Remember to be your authentic self, not what someone wants you to be.
  • Remember to let go of punishing yourself.
  • Remember to accept how you think and feel.
  • Remember to speak your truth.
  • Remember to set boundaries and use the words “No” and “Stop.”

Recovery from childhood abuse takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts. The abuse you suffered has long tentacles. Know that it is not completely in the past but also exists in the present permeating all aspects of your life.

The most important aspect is you survived – now thrive!

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